Moving in together

Planning a Move to Self Storage? What to Do with Those Unusual Items in Your Garage

If you're one of the many thousands of people who are downsizing into a smaller home, you may have quite a task on your hand as you sift through everything in your garage and attic. You know that you've got some unusual artefacts, some of which may have been handed down to you from previous generations. Should you prepare to move them to a self storage facility (such as Eastlakes Self Storage), or should you be getting a proper appraisal first? It doesn't make a lot of sense for you to fill up your storage unit with items that have questionable value, after all. So, how should you proceed?

Separation of Powers

In order to determine value you will need a qualified appraiser. Remember though, only hire an appraiser to give you advice. The appraiser you employ should always be independent of any potential buyer.

Don't Rely on the Internet

It's very difficult to get any type of realistic appraisal online, by simply describing the item or by placing photographs. You may be able to get a very generic "ballpark" figure, but a good appraiser will want to see the item first hand and often will need to handle it in order to determine its value. A good appraiser relies on their experience, will have a trained eye and know what to be looking for. Many people think that it is okay simply to get a rough idea online, if they don't have an intention to sell at this moment. However, you really should satisfy your curiosity rather than simply moving items of unknown value from one storage location to another.

Get References

Before you choose an appraiser get a testimonial or a reference from somebody who you trust. Ask a professional such as an attorney or bank manager, who may have used an appraiser in the past. Also, talk with the Australian chapter of the American Society of Appraisers to help you. Members of the society are expected to pass a specific exam related to their expertise in valuing property, and also to their ethical standards. If you engage with senior members they are also expected to have at least five years of experience.

Depending on your needs you may need to talk with several different candidates who are specialists in different areas. While you can find generalists, it's usually the case that the most accurate value will be given to you by an individual who is specialised in a particular niche.