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Shipping Containers: Are They Your Versatile Solution?

These days it seems everyone wants shipping containers. The trouble is, the trendy types only want them to live in, because they are cheap, environmentally friendly, and have that hipster appeal. But whatever happened to using shipping containers for shipping and storage?

There are shipping containers to suit whatever it is you wish to ship or store: cars, furniture, spare parts, wine—you name it, it will probably fit into a shipping container. However, before you embark on your hiring of a container, you need to consider just how much stuff you want to ship.

Size Options

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from around 2 metres, 6 metres, or 12 metres long, and therefore will require considerably different sizes of loads. Of course, it's no use to measure simply the "footage" of your load, as you will need to consider the volume that it occupies. You would be amazed at just how much can be stuffed into a shipping container by a clear and experienced removalist.

Sturdy Materials

As an added bonus, shipping containers are pest and vermin proof, as well as weatherproof, giving them a huge advantage over a self-storage site or a warehouse, where no such guarantees can be made. Of course, you will need to verify the condition of the shipping container because while they are made of metal, metal rusts, especially if the shipping container has led an adventurous life at sea.

Easy to Hire

Whether you are moving your goods to your new home across the waves or just storing excess stuff while you get your life in order, shipping containers are an ideal solution.  They are practical, easily moved (assuming you have a semi-trailer and a crane), can store pretty much anything you need stored, including refrigerated goods (you can have air conditioning fitted), and they are inexpensive to hire.

Rent Cost is Reasonable

In Perth, a 12-metre container could cost you as little as $93 per month, which is a very small amount for the piece of mind you will receive from knowing your precious books, wine, furniture, whatever are safely tucked away out of the weather and away from the rats and mice.  

You can store anything for a low monthly price, with a level of security other accommodation cannot match, and if you decide to move your gear, it is already in a container ready for shipping! No double handling required. Shipping containers really are the versatile storage method. Learn more about your options by contacting resources like Ultimate Storage Solutions.