Moving in together

Mums and Dads of Multiple Kids: Tips to Make Moving Easier

Moving when you have kids can be hard, but it can be even harder when you have multiple kids. Luckily, there are tips and tricks to make your next removal as easy as possible, regardless of how many kids you have. 

1. Let your kids pack their own stuff

Many hands make light work, and that can even be true when it comes to moving. Based on your kids' ages and interest levels, get them involved packing up their own closets or toys. Give older kids boxes to pack and expectations. Help younger kids pack, but give them markers and stickers so they can be happily distracted decorating their boxes.

2. Label everything and communicate

Although many helpers can speed along the process, they can also increase the risk of miscommunication. If you don't want your pile of precious sentimental baby books to get confused with your box of old dishes that you want to donate to a charity shop, you need to label everything.

Have clearly labelled piles throughout the house, designated for giving away, throwing away or moving. Let your kids add labelled boxes to these piles, and make sure the piles are far enough apart that they don't bleed together as they grow.

3. Create a moving job board with cash

If you have a hard time motivating the kids to help you, create a white board with a list of moving tasks on it. The tasks can range from cleaning the garage to de-cluttering closets, and each instruction should have a few dollars with it. When your kids want to help, they just grab a job and the payment from the board.

This is a great way to keep their efforts organised when you are out of the house or busy doing other things.

4. Make time for individual dates

Moving, even if it's just a short move, can be emotional for everybody involved, and when you have lots of kids, it can be hard to meet all of their needs at once. Anticipate extra feelings and struggles and schedule individual dates with each of your kids throughout the move or immediately after it.

That gives you some one-on-one time with them, and it can help soothe the transition.

5. Pack the bedding last and the spoons first

With a house full of kids, you don't need to waste time washing dishes the last few days you are in the house. Instead, pack up most of the kitchen as soon as you can, and buy some disposable plates and spoons. Getting rid of the bulk of your kitchen duties makes it easier to focus on packing.

When you wake up on the day of your move, throw all of the bedding into rubbish bags and transport those in your car. When the removalists unload the truck, they can take your kids' beds to their rooms, and you will have the bedding right at hand. You won't need to scrabble around trying to find it, and your kids can get a great night of sleep the first night in their new home.

Contact a company like Melbourne Cheap Suburb Removal if you have specific questions about packing and removal techniques that might be used to make a move even more efficient.