Moving in together

Three Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Removal Company

Moving from one house or office to another can be a daunting task. In addition to consuming a considerable amount of time, removals are also labour intensive. For these and many other reasons, a large number of people choose to hire the services of a professional removalist. Being that there are several individuals and companies that offer moving services, it may not be very easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. Discussed below are three questions that can help to decide on the best removal company for the job at hand.

What About Insurance?

A large number of removal companies today offer insurance for transit goods as part of their service package. Clients may choose to purchase insurance through the mover, as it is often cheaper than third party insurance. Before agreeing to be insured by a removal company, it is important to understand what they offer so as to avoid misunderstandings should anything go wrong during the move. For example, it is a good idea for clients to seek clarification on the terms of compensation for damaged or lost transit goods. Enquire whether compensation offered is equal to the replacement value of damaged goods or their market value. This is also applicable to clients who settle for a third party insurance service provider.

Does The Company Offer Doorstep Delivery?

It is also important for clients to confirm whether transit goods will be delivered at their doorstep in the new location. Many clients often hold the false assumption that doorstep delivery is a standard service to expect from a removal company, which may not always be the case. Some removal companies may offer doorstep delivery at a fee not included in the original quote.

In a large number of cases, removal companies have single drop-off locations where clients are expected to pick up their items upon arrival. While at it, clients should also seek to find out whether there are any penalties for failing to collect their property from the drop-off location in good time.

What Are The Off-Season Moving Rates?

Lastly, there is no doubt about the fact that undertaking removals can be quite expensive. Apart from asking for discounted rates, it is a good idea for prospective clients to confirm whether their chosen removalist offers a cheaper rate during the off-peak season. When there is reduced demand for removal services (usually at the middle of the month), removal companies often lower their charges so as to attract clients. Asking this question may end up saving the client a considerable amount of money.