Moving in together

Tips for Saving Money Spent on Moving Boxes

As the costs of moving house continue to increase with each passing year, anything that can help save money is highly appreciated by those planning to change their residence. Purchasing packaging supplies for a house move is one area that you can save some dollars -- if you know how to go about it, of course. Boxes are commonly used to pack up a lot of items during house moves. The following tips can help you spend less on packaging boxes needed for your DIY house move.

Ask for free boxes

In case you are employed at a place where used boxes are usually just left lying around without any plans of reusing them, you should ask if you can have them. If waste disposal service is often required to remove the boxes from the establishment's premises, your superiors shouldn't have a problem letting you take away the boxes you need. After all, by reducing the volume of waste to be hauled away from the premises, you can help cut waste disposal costs.

If you do not work at an establishment that discards unwanted boxes, you should try politely asking for the boxes from local retail stores such as bookstores, grocery shops and liquor stores, which usually have no use for unpacked boxes. If you are lucky enough, someone working there might actually let you take a few boxes free of charge.

Choose box sizes wisely

If you must buy moving boxes from a self-move company, do so with the stuff you need to pack up in mind. Giving some thought to what you will need to go in the boxes can help you select boxes of correct size. As you are planning for the move, strive to have items that can be transported together packed in the same box.

For example, instead of looking for many small boxes to separately pack up soft items such as towels, soft toys, pillows and duvets, you can get one large box to pack them all. You are likely to be charged less for a single box with enough space to accommodate all these soft items than what you would have to pay for several smaller boxes required to pack up each of the items separately.

As the above-discussed points tell, you can get moving boxes free of charge if you know where and how to ask for them. But if you must purchase the boxes, make sure they are of optimal sizes, so that you can reduce the number of boxes needed.