Moving in together

How to Safely Move in Hot Weather

If you are planning on moving house during the spring or summer, you need to be prepared for hot weather. This can make what might have been a simple move a lot more uncomfortable and miserable. Here are some tips to follow when you need to move on a hot day.

Choose the Moving Time Wisely

When you create a moving schedule for the day of the move, make sure you avoid times when the weather will be hottest. This means avoiding the time between late morning and early afternoon, as this is when the sun is at its highest and will generate the most heat. Start moving early in the morning as soon as the sun comes up. Make sure you have everything ready to go by this point. Take a break in the middle of the day, then finish moving in the afternoon when the sun starts to go down. This will allow you to get enough moving hours in without making yourself more miserable than you have to be.

Turn On the Air Conditioner in the New Home

While you may be keeping the air conditioner on in your current home, don't forget to have the new home ready. As long as it is local, it is definitely worth taking a drive over and turning on the air conditioner or at least letting fans run to cool it off a bit. When you start moving furniture and boxes into the new home, you will feel a sigh of relief when you walk into a nice, cool home. This is a good reason to have the utilities turned on before moving day.

Know What Items Shouldn't Be Left in the Heat

Also consider the items you are moving that would get ruined if left out in the heat. These items should be the last to move. Keep them in your home where the air conditioner is turned on and move the rest of the items first. When you're finished with moving the rest of the belongings, you can move these things last, then they will be the first ones to go into the new home, which should also be cooled off by this point. Some items that will get ruined by the heat include artwork, electronics, and media equipment.

Hire Professional Movers

A big problem with moving on your own during the heat is that because you don't have much experience, it can often take longer to move. You may have to try a few times before getting the sofa out the door and may end up rearranging items in the moving truck. This only makes the move last longer and leaves you out in the blazing sun for longer periods of time. A better choice is to hire professional furniture removalists who will handle all the labour work for you.