Moving in together

Top Tips for Safely Moving Your Pot Plants to Your New Home

There are a few living things that need to be considered when moving house. Of course, there's you and your family (including your pets). But what about your pot plants? There is a certain technique that needs to be utilised to ensure that your plants emerge from the removals van as healthy as they were when they went in. So what do you need to do to safely move your pot plants to your new home?

Water the Day Before

Water your plants the day before moving so that the water is absorbed into the soil. You don't want the soil to be muddy or for the plants to be dripping water. It can even be helpful if the soil is a little damp to ensure it stays in place. If the soil has already become dry, you might want to pack gravel onto the surface of the soil. This makes the potted plant slightly heavier to shift, but it means that the dirt won't be spread around inside the removals van, potentially dirtying the rest of your possessions.

Protect the Pots

A broken pot can be a nightmare when you move house, and it doesn't matter if the soil has been weighted down with gravel. A broken pot can result in a huge mess. It's ceramic and terracotta pots that you need to be the most careful with. Wrap a thick wad of newspaper around the sides of the pot to protect it. Secure the newspaper with string. You could also use tape, but be careful. The tape might leave unsightly residue if it comes into contact with the actual pot. Place the wrapped pots inside a sturdy cardboard box to prevent them from moving inside the van while in transit. The cardboard box should be lined with plastic bags to minimise the impact of any soil spillage.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs in pots require a slightly different approach. Depending on the height of the plant, a support stake might be necessary. This should stop the plant from drooping or collapsing during the move. Firmly press the support stake into the soil until it feels sturdy. Secure it to the plant's primary branch with garden twine. The primary branch is generally the trunk when it comes to trees and shrubs. Place the entire pot inside a plastic bag and bunch the bag around the base of the truck. Loosely tie the bunched-up plastic bag with string. You want to contain the soil without damaging the plant. The pot (contained within the plastic bag) should once again be placed inside a cardboard box.

Remember to keep a close eye on your plants once they've been put into position at your new home. An extended period of time inside a moving van can be traumatic for plants, so they might require additional watering and fertilising.