Moving in together

4 Tips to Note before Moving from an Apartment to an Owned House

The moving process is always tedious. If you are, however, moving from an apartment to your own house, then you are probably done with the constant headaches that come with frequent moving. A house is a symbol of a new chapter in your life and usually is a sign of settling down. You therefore want to get over the frustration of moving out so that you start taking in your new house with the excitement that comes with it. The transitioning process is usually marked by surprises since life in an apartment is different. Here are some tips on what to bear in mind.


Since an apartment has a caretaker employed by the owner, things are always taken care of. Sometimes this happens without you knowing it. From pest controllers to plumbers and electricians, your landlord made sure all that happened in the past. But things are different now. Nothing will get done until you make that call. Start collecting contacts of maintenance professionals within your vicinity who you can call whenever something is faulty.


Because of the difference in size between your house and former apartment, your costs are bound to change. In some cases, the change is drastic. Bills such as home insurance, council rates and water can be shocking to a new house owner. There could be increased utility because of the number of rooms in the house. Before moving out, start preparing your finances for increased spending in your budget. In addition, put money aside for repairs such as painting, gardening or lawn care.


During furniture removal, you may think your house will comfortably accommodate everything you have. The reality is it will do so and leave large blocks of space which will make it seem empty. The trick is to buy a new set of furnishings which you can use to create an illusion of life and fullness around the house, especially the sitting room. You could request friends and family to chip in with spare items which they no longer use.  Alternatively, just buy new furniture once you move in.

Another reason your house could look uncomfortably empty and lonely is the colour of your walls. A touch of paint could make a difference. If your personality does not allow for too much colour, just pick one wall and paint it or roll some wallpaper on it.


Children love outdoor sections and moving from an apartment to a house will be a cause for celebration to them. You will probably enjoy an outdoor garden area which you can use to host parties. So, for now pack your belongings happily. Things are about to change for the better.