Moving in together

Little Ways to Ease the Burden for Your Removalists

For an efficient and timely move, it is best to consider hiring a removalist company. These professionals will be more adept at packing and unpacking your home, thus ensuring you are settled at your new residence in the shortest time possible. Nevertheless, just because you are paying for this service does not mean that you cannot try to make the process simpler for them. Not only can this make them finish their tasks quicker, but it could also mean a decreased risk in your belongings acquiring any damage during the moving process. Below are some little ways that you can ease the burden for your removalists.

Steer clear from recently polishing your wooden furniture items 

If you plan to put your furniture items into storage, you have probably heard that it is a good idea to polish them beforehand. This will function to protect the pieces while they are in storage by keeping them well hydrated and provide some protection from humid conditions. However, this does not mean polishing these items right before your scheduled move. If the polish has not completely dried, then the wood furniture will be quite slippery. Not only does this make it difficult to secure them with ties, but it can also prove quite difficult for your removalists to handle them without the risk of the furniture slipping and falling.

In addition to this, freshly polished furniture items will also have the propensity to attract dust, fingerprints and a host of other superficial grime. It would be in your best interests to opt to either polish the furniture weeks in advance or forego this until the move is complete.

Keep your plants dry

If you have plants, part of your daily routine may involve watering them at a particular time of the day. This is great to ensure that they do not die off. However, it is not so great if you are about to embark on a move. Freshly watered plants can be extremely heavy, as the dirt will retain the water until it is absorbed by the plant. Additionally, you may even find that some water has settled at the top of the planter that gradually seeps into the soil during the course of the day.

Having to relocate with wet plants can prove to be quite cumbersome for your removalists, as they will have no way to ensure that this water does not spill over to your other belongings. It would be best to refrain from watering your plants until you have settled them in your new home.