Moving in together

Moving Interstate with Just a Little Less Stress

Moving interstate is a mammoth task and one that can put huge amounts of stress on you if you're not prepared. In fact, moving house is one of the most stressful things you'll do in everyday life. Unlike a conventional move, the chances are you won't be in a position to just nip over to the property beforehand to clean up. Whilst dedicated interstate removalists will help to lessen the burden, there are still plenty of tasks left for you to do, from organising the bills to cleaning the property. These simple tips will help you to plan the move and make it as quick and painless as possible, allowing you to settle in to your new home quickly so that life can return to normal. 

Line the Floors

Once you arrive at your new property with the removals company you'll no doubt want them to unpack and offload your furniture as quickly as possible. Because they are going to constantly have to trek back and forth between the truck and the house it can be quite time consuming removing boots and putting them back on again. If keeping your new flooring clean is a concern and you want them to work as fast as possible, line the floors with double thickness corrugated cardboard. It'll save time by stopping the removalists from needing to remove their boots, and will absorb any moisture preventing it from staining the carpet. If you have plastic sheets you could use those too, however they aren't as easy to cut to the right size and are more difficult to dispose of.

Organise the Boxes

Another way to speed up the offloading process is to number each box and/or label it with the name of the room it belongs in, as this will stop you from having to carry them to different rooms when you're unpacking. To make it easier to find individual items as well, you can always stick a list of what is inside the box to the lid. 

Overnight Survival Kit

For the first couple of days you'll be unpacking and lacking in home comforts. Pack everyone in the family an overnight survival bag consisting of some spare clothes, toiletries, some tea and coffee, snacks and some entertainment like a pack of cards. It will make all the difference when you are able to take a nice break every so often and relax with a brew before getting right back into it.