Moving in together

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Moving Boxes

Moving house or office can be a huge undertaking that brings with it a lot of stress. If it is your first move, you are no doubt going to be quite nervous, and it is easy to forgo part of the process in this nervous excitement. Most people assume that all moving boxes are created equally, but this could not be further from the truth. If you are getting moving boxes, then you need to understand what makes a good one and how to find the best deal.

Can't You Just Get Regular Cardboard Boxes?

The problem with regular cardboard boxes is that they don't have the structural strength to withstand all the stress and force that will be applied on them during transport. Not to mention, many regular cardboard boxes aren't the right size, can't carry that many heavy items at all, and are much more susceptible to the rain and elements. Moving boxes need to be tough and have the maximum amount of room possible. Don't just assume every box is the same; there is a very big difference between regular cardboard boxes and moving boxes.

What Makes A Good Moving Box?

A good moving box is defined by how closely it achieves its purpose. Moving boxes are created with different jobs in mind, and it is important you get the right one for the specific task you need completed:

  • Basic protection: These are the closest thing to regular cardboard boxes. They are lighter than other designs because they are meant to carry non-damageable items. Things like linen, toiletries, toys, papers and more can all go in here.
  • Medium protection: These are the next level up in protection. Now you can start to put in more fragile items as long as you package them properly. Books, video games, stationery, clothing and even electronics can go in here (as long as they are not very valuable).
  • Maximum protection: These are double-walled, heavy-duty moving boxes that can store your most personal and valuable items. Computers, antiques, plates, pictures and more are all popularly stored in the highest protection available. 

Want To Save Some Extra Cash?

A good way to save a bit of dough when moving is to search for secondhand packing cartons. These are all hand-picked items that function basically as brand new moving boxes but may have completed a single trip or maybe two short ones. They are just as secure as brand new ones (because of the way they are selected) and yet you get a heavily discounted price on them. There are not many ways to save an extra buck when moving, but secondhand packing cartons is one.