Moving in together

4 Removalist's Tips on How to Organise and Carry Out a Stress-Free Move

The positive side of moving is that you get to leave everything unpleasant about your old life behind, and start afresh. However, you have to be well-prepared to ensure that the move does not create more stress than you already have. 

Preparation starts by choosing a moving company to entrust with your valuables. To make a choice, ask for recommendations, check customer reviews and look at the company's track record. Additionally, follow these four guidelines for an excellent moving experience.

Pack for Safety

The way you organise and pack your personal items will determine whether the move will be easy or the most complicated experience you have had in a while. The first thing you need to do is tell the moving company about your furniture and the materials used to make it. This will help them figure out which tricks in their book they will use to make sure your precious items reach their destination in perfect condition.

Your responsibility is to buy bubble wrap, blankets, cardboard boxes and any other materials that will protect your valuables from colliding against each other and getting damaged.

Have an Elaborate Packing System

The other tips that will go a long way in simplifying your move is having a clear and perfectly organised packing system. Buy boxes and label them using a label maker. Start in the kitchen and put all the kitchen items in one box. Proceed to the bathroom and repeat the same process.

This will simplify unpacking because you will not have to look for a certain object in all the boxes.

Check Out the New House

You have to take measurements of your new house and make sure that your furniture can fit well. Also, describe the plan and the layout to the moving team when getting your quotation. If you are moving into an apartment, let them know if they have to carry furniture up the stairs. This will help them plan a better move.

Understand the Cost of Moving

A common challenge people have is payment after the move is complete. Before you sign an agreement, ask all the questions you need to ask about the movement costs and charges. 

You will have fewer misunderstandings when you clearly understand the cost of the moving process.

These are issues that you can easily organise when you have removalists working with you. Pick a trusted company for the safety, insurance and efficiency of the movement process.