Moving in together

Two Factors To Consider When Booking A Timeslot With A Removals Company

If the removals business you'd like to hire has a number of timeslots available on the day you're moving, here are the things you should consider.

How many large appliances and furniture items you own

Before choosing a slot, you'll need to factor in the number of large appliances and furniture items you'll need the removals team to move. If, for example, you're moving into an apartment building or a street-side house in a busy urban area, it would be best to go for an early morning or late evening slot, when these areas won't have too many people around. This is important as the bulkiness of these items will mean the removalists won't be able to just quickly scoot into the building and sidestep the numerous people that walk past as they transport your belongings inside the property. Instead, they may have to move slowly and even occasionally stop and carefully put these heavy items down so they can rest for a few minutes before continuing.

If you have a lot of these big items and they have to repeat this process multiple times over in a busy area, there is a higher chance of an oblivious passerby bumping into the worker, which may cause them to drop what they are carrying. Furthermore, the removalist may have to stop and take breaks even more frequently whilst carrying these big items from the van to your front door in order to let people pass by them. As such, in this scenario, picking a time when the area around your property won't be occupied by too many people would be wise.

How much pre-move prep work you'll need to do on moving day

The other factor that you should think about is the amount of pre-move preparations you will have to do on moving day. For example, if, due to your busy job, you'll need to leave some of the packing until the day of the move, then you should pick an afternoon slot. As long as you wake up early, this should give you several hours to pack and ensure that everything is prepared for the removalists to collect as soon as they ring your doorbell.

In this situation, picking an early-morning slot and trying to get the packing done in, for example, the hour after you wake up, will just leave you frazzled and result in your items not being ready when the removals van pulls up. Making sure that you have more than enough time to do these final tasks ensures you won't hastily pack items into the wrong boxes. For more information, contact a removalist company.