Moving in together

Questions to Ask Your Removalist Before the Removals Date

If you plan to move your home, you have probably hired a furniture removalist to transport your items. The excerpt below proposes a few questions that you should ask your removalist before the removal date. Hopefully, they will ensure a stress-free removal process. 

1. Do You Offer Removal Insurance? 

Although removalists are cautious when moving your items, accidents can happen due to unforeseen events. If this happens, you would sue the removalist to compel them to pay for the damages. On the other hand, the removalist would need to sue the negligent party (say it was a road accident). Removals insurance prevents these hassles by offering instant compensation to clients whose items get damaged during removals. 

2. What Assistance Will You Require? 

Moving house is a collaborative process between the client and removalist. As such, the removalist could ask you to help out with minor tasks such as ensuring a convenient parking spot and asking other tenants to avoid a certain staircase or elevator as the removalist works. The removalist could also ask you to transport your pets. Remember, your pet could get agitated when locked inside the storage truck. As a result, it could damage some of the items in transit. 

3. How Many People Will Execute the Move? 

Ask the removalist the number of support staff that they will use to move your home. It allows you to identify unscrupulous individuals who want to snoop into your property as the removalist works. You do not have to be worried about the removals staff. The removalist vets their personnel to ensure they have an outstanding character and respect clients' privacy. 

4. How Long Will the Process Take? 

The truth is that most clients would want to be settled in their new homes in the shortest possible time. Although your removalist cannot give an exact time span, they can approximate how long the process should take. It allows you to plan your schedule. 

5. Have You Made Any Changes to the Removal Plan?  

A day before the removals, call the removalist and inquire whether they are any changes that you need to know. For example, a sudden change of weather could complicate the move. As such, the removalist could opt to postpone the move to prevent road accidents. The removalist could also change the proposed removal route due to heavy traffic. 

Your removalist must be experienced in residential moves. Additionally, they should offer additional services such as cleaning your new home, assembling and organising furniture.