Moving in together

Qualities Of A Removalist

Thousands of Australians rely on the services of removalists every week. A challenge they face is that they cannot differentiate one removalist from the other. This should not be your case when moving. Read this article to learn the qualities of a removalist. 

Communication Skills

Communication is a critical part of your move. From the onset, you will exchange correspondence with your removalist. For example, you will need to inquire about their services, availability, your obligations, and how the removalist will prepare for the move. Communication skills are easy to assess. For example, if the removalist takes too long to reply to your inquiries, do not expect them to change once you sign the removal contract. A removalist with excellent communication skills eases the removal process since they have every detail of the removals. It avoids last-minute emergencies such as the lack of packing boxes or specialist services because the removalist assumed that you did not require the services. 

Time Conscious

After hiring the removalist, they propose a plan detailing the preparation activities and the various removal timelines. Your removalist must adhere to this schedule. Make inquires to assess whether they have held their part of the bargain. For instance, have they secured insurance? Have they organised a removals team? Have they decided on a suitable route? If the removalist keeps deadlines. these efforts will get you and the removalist ready for moving day.


The removalist should demonstrate a high degree of flexibility. For example, you might want to move sooner than you had initially booked. In this case, the removalist should come up with a viable plan. For instance, they could ask you to consider a night move if they are fully booked on the day you intend to move. If you are not comfortable with a night move, the professional could recommend another removalist who can offer similar services at the same price. It is a sure way to win your trust and admiration. 


The removalist must be resourceful. For example, they should go out of their way to connect you with third-party service providers such as security couriers if you have valuables. Besides, the removalist should offer complementary services. For instance, they could organise storage space and transport your items to the storage facility for free. If you are on a budget, the removalist should recommend cheaper alternatives such as backloading or portable on-demand containers. 

Your household removalist should have excellent communication skills, be time conscious, flexible, and resourceful.