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Four Reasons to Place Your Belongings in Storage When Restumping Your Home

Traditionally, many homes in Australia were built on top of a timber stump foundation. As a result, these homes are susceptible to termite and rot damage to the foundation, which requires restumping. This is a very intricate process that requires the help of a qualified restumping professional. Most homeowners encounter problems during restumping because furniture and other household belongings get in the way constantly. Finding a safe and secure area to store away your belongings becomes inevitable. That is why storage facilities are critical. Hiring a storage unit can benefit you during your restumping project in several ways.

Protects your property from damage

As you may have figured out, the restumping process is incredibly disruptive and messy. If your furniture and other valuables are lying around the home, that will undoubtedly expose them to accidental damage. Though your restumping contractor may try and keep your property safe, anything can happen unexpectedly. By hiring a storage unit, you can readily move most of your valuables to a safe place and have them in pristine condition until the restumping job is complete.

Speeds up the restumping project

When performing large-scale modifications, having sufficient space to work is a valuable enabler. The same can be said of restumping. Moving your possessions out of the work area will allow your restumping contractor to work uninhibited. On the other hand, having a cluttered working site makes movement challenging and slows down your workers' efficiency. Therefore, ease the burden on your restumping contractor by providing them with ideal working conditions by storing away your belongings.

Reducing clean-up

During the restumping process, a lot of dust and debris is generated as the contractor goes through your floors. If your furniture is lying around, some of this debris will likely collect on them, creating a significant mess. Cleaning furniture can be an incredibly expensive hustle. In addition, cleaning does not necessarily return your furniture to its original condition. Certain gunk and smells don't wash away easily. To avoid this unfortunate situation, moving your possessions to a storage unit before restumping will ensure you don't have to clean up a lot after the project is complete.

Reduces stress

Moving your belongings while the restumping process has already begun adds to your workload and stress. After all, restumping is a challenging process in itself. The correct way to go about it is by hiring a storage unit beforehand and sorting your belongings properly before moving them. Having a structure to the moving rather than doing it on the spot once the restumping work begins ensures peace of mind. It gives you confidence in knowing where all your valuables are and that they are safe from the rigours of your restumping project.