Shipping Containers: Are They Your Versatile Solution?

These days it seems everyone wants shipping containers. The trouble is, the trendy types only want them to live in, because they are cheap, environmentally friendly, and have that hipster appeal. But whatever happened to using shipping containers for shipping and storage? There are shipping containers to suit whatever it is you wish to ship or store: cars, furniture, spare parts, wine—you name it, it will probably fit into a shipping container. [Read More]

Planning a Move to Self Storage? What to Do with Those Unusual Items in Your Garage

If you're one of the many thousands of people who are downsizing into a smaller home, you may have quite a task on your hand as you sift through everything in your garage and attic. You know that you've got some unusual artefacts, some of which may have been handed down to you from previous generations. Should you prepare to move them to a self storage facility (such as Eastlakes Self Storage), or should you be getting a proper appraisal first? [Read More]